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Educational Materials

Below are several educational materials developed by the MU MDS and Quality Research Team, the Statewide Planning Committee for Improving MDS Assessment and Use, and the Quality Improvement Program for Missouri. All of these documents are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), therefore you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the documents. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader at We hope you put these materials to good use.

Please note: many of the links below are to outside sources - these specific documents and resources are not property of, nor were originated/created by, the QIPMO team.

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CASPER Information Culture Change MDS Information Survey Preparedness
Clinical Assistance Educational Opportunities State News Helpful Links

CASPER Information

Accessing Online and Scheduled Reports (update in process)
CASPER Reporting User's Guide for MDS Providers (September 2015)
CASPER Tips for MDS Users (update in process)

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Clinical Assistance

Care Pathways

Falls Persistent Pain

Behavioral and Person Centered Care

CMS Guides and Manuals

Nursing Home Compare 5-Star Quality Rating System (information and downloadable manuals/guides)
Quick Reference List - CMS Websites for Medicare Fee-for-Service (FFS) Providers (December 2011)
CMS ICD-10 Information

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG)

QIPMO CPG Selection Guide and Resource List
Implementing Clinical Guidelines: Yes you can!

AMDA CPGs in the Long Term Care Setting (online ordering)
University of Iowa Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines (online ordering)

Iowa Geriatric Education Center (University of Iowa) Info-Connect - Info-Connect pamphlets provide succinct, practical information for long-term care providers on key clinical topics.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. US Department of Health and Senior Services

Commonly Requested Guidelines

INTERACT III - INTERACT (Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers) is a quality improvement program that focuses on the management of acute change in resident condition. It includes clinical and educational tools and strategies for use in every day practice in long-term care facilities.

QAPI/Quality Improvement

QAPI: Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement (CMS)
On-Time Quality Improvement Program Manual (AHRQ)

Clinical Topics

Life Choices (Consumer publication from the MO Attorney General's office)

The GROW PROGRAM (Getting Residents Out of Wheelchairs) - Returning Residents to Independent Ambulation (GROW Coalition)

Improving Patient Safety in Long-Term Care Facilities (AHRQ/RAND Training Materials)
  • Module 1: Detecting Change in a Resident's Condition
  • Module 2: Communicating Change in a Resident's Condition
  • Module 3: Falls Prevention and Management

Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes

Advancing Excellence is a national campaign that encourages, assists, and empowers nursing homes to improve the quality of care and life for residents. Your home will have access to FREE comparative data and evidence-based interventions. You'll be able to select goals and find helpful tips on how to implement change.


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Culture Change

How to reduce antipsychotic drug use with the help of a well-trained staff
National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign
Culture Change Now!
Artifacts of Culture Change: An Organizational Readiness and Assessment Tool
New Dining Practice Standards
Dining Assistant Programs in Nursing Homes: Guidelines for Implementation
The Pioneer Network
MC5: Missouri Coalition Celebrating Care Continuum Change
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Educational Opportunities

MDS/RAI Workshops
Other Educational Opportunities
QIPMO's Monthly Webinar Mondays
QIPMO's MDS Support Groups

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MDS Information

MDS Coordinators

If you are a brand new MDS coordinator or someone who has been working as a coordinator, here are some downloads and links which may be of use in setting your new position:

Resources for MO Nursing Homes (update in process)
QIPMO Inservice Education Programs
First Steps to Submitting MDS Data (May 2014)
Important MDS Information and Points of Contact for Certified Nursing Homes (May 2014)

Defining the Role of Nurse Assessment Coordinators: Beyond Paperwork and Reimbursement (AANAC)

MDS 3.0 TIP Sheet for Coding Restraints (March 2011)
MDS 3.0 TIP Sheet for Coding Falls (March 2011)
MDS 3.0 TIP Sheet for Coding Pressure Ulcers (update in process)

MDS 3.0

imp 2017 MDS OBRA Assessment Scheduling Tool
MDS PPS Scheduler
MDS 3.0 Assessment Flowchart

Physician Communication Tool - Report Changes in Interview Responses

CMS' YouTube Channel
VIVE: Video on Interviewing Vulnerable Elders

MDS 3.0 Resident Interview Handouts
MDS 3.0 Interview Cue Cards - Personal Preference (page 1), PHQ-9 (page 2), Pain (pages 3-4)

imp CMS Phase 2 Videos (November 2016)
imp CMS PHASE 2 (November 2016)
MDS 3.0 Change Hot Sheet (October 2013)
imp CMS MDS 3.0 RAI Manual (V1.15) (October 2017)
MDS 3.0 Change Hot Sheet (October 2013)
CMS MDS 3.0 Training Materials
CMS MDS 3.0 Item Subsets (V1.10.4) (April 2012 release)
CMS MDS 3.0 Item Subsets (V1.15.0) (October 2017 draft release)

MDS 3.0 Provider User's Guide (September 2015)


Case Mix Indices
PPS Scheduler

WPS Medicare Information

MDS Calendar
MDS Payment Scheduler

Mrs. M Case Study

Chart Review
MDS Assessment
CAA Documentation
Care Plan

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State News

Students in Long-Term Care

TB Screening - Do volunteers and students working in a LTC facility need to be screened for TB?
Medication Administration by Student Nurses: What Are The Regulations? (Policy, April 2012) (Updated Guidance, May 2012)

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Survey Preparedness

CMS-672 and CMS-802 (Resident Census and Condition of Residents forms)

Long-Term Care Survey Manual

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Helpful Links

We hope these links will assist your facility with its day-to-day MDS activities:

    Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) – National Clearinghouse
    DHSS Phone Numbers
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