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Educational Opportunities
MDS Workshops
MLN Two-Day MDS 3.0 Workshops - "RAI Process from Start to Finish" (brochure) (register online) - This workshop will look at the RAI process from beginning to end. The MDS is used for both a clinical assessment and a financial assessment and this workshop will discuss the rules on scheduling these assessments and meeting the requirements individually and combined. Item-by-item coding will be reviewed. From coding the MDS, we will then look at the CAA to care plan process. An overview of the Medicare requirements that need to be followed for appropriate reimbursement will be discussed. Finally, we will review how to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing world of MDS 3.0.

This workshop is for individuals in long term care who coordinate and/or code the MDS. Typically, this is an RN or LPN with the title of MDS Coordinator or Care Plan Coordinator. This is also for the DON or ADM who need a better understanding of the complexity of the RAI process.

MLN One-Day MDS 3.0 Update Workshops - "CMS Updates" (brochure) (register online) - This advanced RAI session will help participants identify tools that will facilitate improvements in patient/resident outcomes, both clinical and financial. The new QM Reports are to be available in April, and we will discuss ways to use the reports for quality improvement through a team approach. CMS hot topics and common survey issues will be reviewed as they pertain to the care of residents.

This workshop is geared towards those individuals working in long term care who have a leadership role such as the ADM, DON, ADON, or MDS coordinator.

Other Educational Opportunities
NEW Infection Control Webinars
NEW DON Institute: Essential Tools for the DON in LTC (MLN)
Missouri Hospital Association's Center For Education Seminars/Webinars
Missouri League for Nursing
Missouri Health Care Association
LeadingAge Missouri
MU Leadership Development Academy for Nurse Leaders and Nursing Home Administrators in LTC

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